Give your projects some Moxie!


**Real human voice - no AI!**

Whether it's compelling commercials, technical training, or a fabulous phone system, expect a delightful voice, seasoned post-production expertise, and rapid project delivery to keep your goals on track.

I was fortunate to transition into my voiceover career after narrating 200 episodes of my podcast Your Brain On Facts.  Before that, I've had careers ranging from raising goats and making soap, to performing and producing burlesque shows, and I once gave a TEDx talk!  It's fair to say, I'm unique. :)

Areas of voiceover:

  • corporate
  • e-learning
  • IVR/telephony
  • commercial
  • auto
  • narration
  • explainer
  • meditation
  • non-fiction audiobooks
  • medical
  • and more!

Studio specs: mic - Rode NT1; interface - PreSonus Revelator io24; DAW - Adobe Audition; home studio - custom booth

(You're still waiting to hear about the lightning, huh?  In May 2011, lightning struck hit my house, lightning it on fire, before traveling through the muddy ground to where I had rested my hand on a wire fence.  0/5 stars, do not recommend  😉 )

These folks have Moxie!

Johnson & Johnson
New York Health & Hospitals
Sling TV
Oxford Medical
Canfor Southern Pine
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey
Child Fund International